Happy Trip :)

• Started 4-25-20 at 7:30PM

• This is the first trip I’ve been on where I wasn’t depressed

• Thought: personality as a function of inhibitions

• I am my best self on acid

• Coexisting life

• How it’s impossible for me to have a bad trip (and how making this statement invites so much)

• I’ve kept my anchor in what I believe is sane. Each day is just another test of how well you really know the waters

• The feeling in the absence of compulsion -> there is no “why?” here -> I think this feeling is living in the present -> I understand what it means to be great

• If you can root for yourself, someone else probably is ->

• Projection

• Reality is so beautifully fragile

• Do you have a better reason not to

• Anxiety as tip-over juice

• Balance in reference to tip-over juice

• Mind, body, spirit realities are constructive realities with each other

• Reality as a wave function

• Concept: ideal self

• People just aren’t self aware

• I want an obsession

• The importance of self love

• I never learned how to love myself, so I phantasize love when I could just be living it

• We create God

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