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It Had 2B Ü (Missed Kisses)

Pillow Talk (FLCL)

⌁Go⌁GO∿FLOW! (Loud Noises!)

Normal People Watching

Madness N The Moonlight

50 First Deaths (Nü∿Eyes Like Disposable Contacts)

§weet KID§ (Father’s Contract)

Life’s A Joke

Love With Her Uncertainty

Easier 2 Lie

Easy Wishing (Upon A §tar ✪)


Elephant Fountain

Alduin Again

Alfred’s Messiness

Bird N An Aquarium (Nü∿Day)

Prologue Bookshop

& Another Last Chance

On The Brink

Ballad of the Black Cat (Translucent Pink Waterfall)

Consensual Story

✨Λ11∞ΣY∃§ ÖИ Mii✨


Plaster Caster Bones

Sisyphus Is Sick Of This | [“I Asked For This” revision]

Grey Anticipation

§trange Doors

Pious Perverts (Fame < Иfamy)

Haunted Hands

Innis Woods

§ubtle Hints


Inevitability N Misery

Anchor Angels


Cantina Dream


Undone Endings

Antrim Lake

Holy Stencils

§weet Poetry


3 White Trees

Crows Crows Crows

N𓆩♡𓆪§tore (§trange∿Doors)

Take This To Your Grave (“So Long”)

Go Beyond! Jolteon (Baton Pass)

Young Volcanoes N∞Cuffs (Hysteria)

Love’s True ΣИ♡

November𓆩♡𓆪Rain (§tand N On JOJOLands)

Miserable Monsters (Mario Kart 8)

Bewitched N Moonlight (Antenna TV)

Lavender Flow

Ünderstanding Λ11 B

Paramount Purgatory

Respect Of A §tranger

Half Baked Break

Charity’s Clarity (Uriel’s Umbrella)

Mundane Monday

Master Flow

Holy Soldier Roles (A Good Listener)

§trange Neon Glow

Popular N Paradise (§weet Sandals)

►4►𓆩♡𓆪◄Requiem◄ (§ΣΘ’s 18th Letter)

The Festival Merry∿Go∿Round

A Beginner’s Guide 2 Faking Your Life (§üM∿Nü∿Music)

Λ REMinder (Tides of Genocide)


Øff∿Brand∿Nü (Truth’s Poet)

Prophetic Placemats (§ΣΘting The Table)

§weet Prophecy (B There Or B ■)


4 KIDS N The Night

Sleepwalking With Open Eyes (Different Divides)

Kreepy Ladders

Nü Misguided Ghosts (Numb Torso & Cold Feet)

Darts & Hearts

Truth’s Tickle

Antikythera✪Mechanism (§ource of §erenity)

RΘ§Σ♡N (Crüiser∿Crøssøver)

Ʊ∿Galloping∿Ʊ∿Ghosts∿Ʊ (Gawain’s Garden∿Ʊ∿Goard Golden∿Ʊ∿Galley)

RE:Membering∿R∃§ΣΘting (Nü∿Fate 4 §teins;Gate)

Lavender Haze Haiku

Time Flies N §weet♡Dream§ (Λcross∿Nü∞Üniverse)

Homonyms N Heaven

Mr. Robot Twitch (Dead Eyes)


Nü✪Favorite♪DRΣΛM§ (§WΣ∃T∞Λfter♡§tory)


MÅ© & B’s Vague∿Prophet∿C (Collateral Damessage)

Earthbound Mother (Hit The Giygas)

…3’s Λ Crowd

Nü∿Romantic Comedy

Bowie’s Kitchen✪Sink (Иø∿Cares Dance)

Traverse∿Town (øDD∿VΣR§∃♡Hearts)

Arrival OF Nü∿Revival

8 Flew, 1 (Time∿MÅ©hine)

Changing Lanes


§trange Heat

Fuck Gravity &

Ñü∿Rhyme 4 RΣŧ✪И (§ounding✪§extant§)

Angel of Dying (§ΣΘ Rotation)



Theard ΣY∃ Ӫpening♪P̾𝕽҉ᑢΣ𝕊§

Ü KÑΘ Whö ØИΣ (§trange 2023)

Å Quantum Man



4th Day Glitch (Majora’s Task)

Pretty. Odd. Dream From B.

Pretty. Odd. Way 2 Say “I Love Ü” (Letting Go, Falling Ü KИΘ)

Breaking Bad §cripts (Heisenberg’s Üncertainty Principle)

Admin Admission

“God’s will can shove it…”

untitled prose poem | 8 December 2021 | “Who Become Shepherds”

The Puppet’s Song

untitled (3) poems | 5 Dec 2021

Calling Kairi

Coming Home

Stop Lying

Nicky Pike’s Husband (Ashley Young)

Dancing With Rhyme

N Grey §hadows

Noah | 28 January 2021

untitled poem | 15 November 2020 | “Couch Surfing On The Hearts Of Others”

§erene Tingles

The Prophet

Missed Chances | 2 March 2021

Irreverent Divine Favor (Aurelius’ Wager)

§uper Human

Conversant Care

a quiet anxiety


Clash Poetry | June & July 2021

Quite Dubious

Holy Multiverse

Like Vicodin | 10 December 2021

average humans and their average lives | 5 December 2021

untitled poem | 5 December 2021 | “Eyes Projecting My Movie”

untitled poem | 20 September 2020 | “Shackles of Success”

Kentucky Derby

untitled poem | 21 July 2021 | “Sweet Words”

More Than Sounds | 29 July 2021

Pre-Saint Patrick’s Day

Schrödinger’s Lobby

Really Feeling Real

Poems about the one | June 2021

untitled letter | 25 June 2021 | “I Love You, Brittany Sweet”


Her Uncertainty | 25 June 2021

Short [7] Poems | 25 June 2021

I’m Not Needed | 25 June 2021

Honest with me and you | 25 June 2021

Wanting Respect | 25 June 2021

The Second Time Is Far Sweeter | 25 June 2021

§erenity’s Tranquility

Hoarse Heys (Lovers’ Game Legacy)

San Francisco Dream | 10-11 March 2023

Rescue Rabbit Run

Wii, Ü & Mii (Artificially Mirroring Artistry)

!✨ÅM✨🄼🅨✨☯ᏔИ✨M͚ü§E͒ <ΣY∃ B WHΘ§∿Ñü>

L Is Not Your Friend (He’s Flying Å Cross⍒Kite)

Willy∿Nilly Writing

Hacking Jump Buttons (Å∿ROM∿Comedy)

February & March 2023 Photography

God Doesn’t Really Care About Ü (Gone With The Wind)

Chipmunk♡Cheeks (Hold Me)

ΣY∃ Know Facts; I Believe N God (Bee Shapiro)

Killin’ Mill’s Ill∿Will (Playin’ With Power)

99 – Note To The Adventurous [Restocking Health Potions]

§wift Nothing

ill∿will empathy / pre-tragedy paranoia (god speed, Nashville)

Immiscible Irradiation & §herlock∿Flows (öDD’§ Åesthetic∿Ñ)

9 – Land of the Free (✪Welcome✪2✪America✪ Edition)

Stepping Out§ide Ñü∿©ircle§ (Ñü∿GüИ Edition)

When Ü R Out Of Your League (Krillin & Android 18)

Holy Harmony Hiatus (Hate Me Now)

Thought Is Love’s Currency (Buyin’ §üM∿Time)

The Court Of The Pink Queen (Nikki’s Ñü∿Future Diary)

Timmy’s Tee-ball Trophy Shelf

Lovely Lavender

Ñü∿Glory Of Youforia


Yukina’s Cold Caress (Kuwabara’s Hot Head)

Concentric Circles | 4 November 2021

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