A World Awaits 4~Requiem (ÖИΣ~Immortal~Legacy)

Liminal A.I. Lines

Nobody Expects The Science Inquisition

Imprisoning Divinity

§trange Love

Seven Bees


Special Pain

Lemonade Stands [Иü⌁@®©ΛDΣ]

§ymphony’s §ignature

§cary~Monsters (And Иü~Demons)

Nø Replacement

🌀§pin 2 Win🌀Haiku🌀

Minds Remind The World

Ball∞Breaker⌁Wind (Иü♮§piral§)

|Certainty| ∇See∿SawΔ <Furby Eyez 4BIs> 〘ಠఠ〙


Two Bees Too Cold To Be | [127]

<Иö~Matter> Rhyme~4~Reason

More <Wait> Weight! (Giles Corey)

Strong Alone When With Ü

§trange §uits (Don’t Stall)



§trange Job

A Madness Like Whispers (The Mandela Catalogue)

Neutral Jing (Patience|§tillness|Balance)

names.again|<§weet Dream§>


§üM Weird Friend§ (DHMIS)

Second Time ’round (§till)

Liminal §leep Paralysis (Bone Thrones)

(Refuse 2 [Die) Alone]<Ü, 2 – ИØ>

Idiotic §avant II (öutside View)

Noticing Numbers

You Pass Butter

That §pecial Hug『』(2 of Ü) [polished]

Death Valley Detours

Introduced 2 Zeus

§weet Flower Turning Sour <444> (I hide & I cower)


Man In The Red Chair

Stay Wide Awake

<K> goodbye <И> my Love